current state

Nagios3 status

This blog will be my personal documentation about the home server infrastructure and should as well provide guides and howtos about using the raspberry pi as a low cost home server for various duties.

Currently the network looks like this:


Raspberry Pi B+: Amarr

Samba Fileserver: 1 admin user 1 restricted user

torrent client


Raspberry Pi B: Gallente

Monitoring Server: Nagios 3

LDAP Server: in progress

Both raspberry pi are running on Raspberian which is based on Debian Wheezy. A router is providing DHCP and Internet for all clients and server, altough I will transfer the DHCP service to one of the server in order to use PXE Image distribution to my clients.

3 Clients are running Windows 7, one of them is used as a test client only. 1 netbook is using Windows XP and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 1 notebook on Ubuntu 14.10 and 1 subnetbook doesn’t have a hard disk, it is running Ubuntu 14.10 from a USB Stick.

There are also 2 cats providing entertainment as well as random inputs from the keyboard.