lets change the motd of our raspberry pi

Most of us will be using ssh to log into our raspberry pi. So lets change the motd to something more shiny:


delete everything


look for uname -snrvm > /var/run/motd.dynamic and comment it out (put # at the beginning of the line)


look for PrintLastLog and change yes to no


azeam of raspberrypi.org forums provided a nice code which shows some basic information of your raspberry pi and can be complete customized. You’ll also find information about customized motd’s at the following link http://www.mewbies.com/how_to_customize_your_console_login_message_tutorial.htm

so lets put in the following code:


save and go on with the next step:




go to the end of the file an add /etc/motd.tcl

save your work and test it



You’ll see I just added a custom text at the bottom, you can modify it however you like by editing /etc/motd.tcl


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